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Young Generation,much aware of and concerned about Issues like Environment, Poverty and Animal Welfare than Older Generation

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Everything you need to know about young generations awareness.

The young generation are more particular and active about the social issues (eg. environment, poverty, and animal welfare) than the older generation. Most likely in the Philippines, the young people are indulge topics about the climate change, fighting against poverty and laws regarding animals. This is the statement I would like to agree with.

In part, it is correct to say that the older generation tackled and thought about these issues because they encounter these issues in their lives as a part of their experience living in this world for the future of their siblings. For instance, parents educated their children to be aware of the environment by teaching them how to segregate garbage from biodegradable waste to non-biodegradable waste and also they thought use how to recycle things out from the trash. In addition, in America long time ago Black Americans fought for their freedom against slavery and racism at that time.

However, I believe that young generation are more exposed regarding these issues. Due to the advancement of the technology and media plays a big role in making aware about these topics. Like for example, they are more in touch about these issues such as spreading the awareness in the media and on the internet so that they can easily discussed with their friends (facebook, online forums, blogs and etc.) and they are capable to do this because of the relevance as to what happen in the surroundings.

On top of that, because of clubs and charities young people are very active. Just like environmental friendly clubs, anti-poverty clubs and charities, this is to increase their level of awareness and the sense of belongingness to the situation. Many young stars are the one who promote these because they are easily influenced if they saw they are at the same age that they have the same idea and knowledge.

In closing, I can confidently say that young generation is more closely in touch about the issues because of the technology that leading the way to it. However, we cannot take for granted the older generation is the one who first influenced their awareness and concerns to portray the picture of what we are going to face in the future and hoping to have a solution so that life will be more amazing.


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