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Mosley to give Pacquiao 'little more trouble' than Margarito

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MANILA, Philippines – Boxing trainer Freddie Roach wants his ward Manny Pacquiao to undergo 6 weeks of training for the Shane Mosley fight next year.

In an interview with Filipino veteran sports analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz, Roach said Mosley is not one to be taken lightly.“He did beat our last opponent [Antonio Margarito] also,” the venerable boxing coach said. “He's very fast and had [Floyd] Mayweather out for a moment and kind of let that slip out.”

Roach made the statement 2 days before Top Rank promoter Bob Arum announced that thePacquiao-Mosley fight is a done deal.

The fight will take place on May 7, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Aside from speed, Roach said Mosley is experienced and is a better boxer compared to Margarito.

“He’ll give us a little trouble because he is also experienced. He is a different type of fighter compared to Margarito… Manny loves guys who come to him but Mosley will box him and come to him much more intelligently,” said Roach.

RP training out of the question 
The boxing coach also said that Pacquiao will do his training at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. He said a Philippine-based training camp for the Filipino is out of the question.

Roach said he doesn't want a repeat of what happened in Baguio City while they were preparing for the Margarito fight.We had maybe our worst training camp ever,” he earlier said about the experience.

He said fighting Mosley won’t be easy, which is why they will need Pacquiao’s total focus.“People who say this is the easiest fight are crazy. It's definitely not the easiest fight. This guy will get into shape for Manny and try to fight the best fight he can. It's not an easy fight by any means, but whoever Bob puts in front of me, I’ll get Manny ready for him,” said Roach.


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