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The Ring cites Pacquiao

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source: By NICK GIONCO

MANILA, Philippines — There is simply no stopping Manny Pacquiao from earning accolades even from the most discriminating men of the fight game.

After being named Fighter of the Decade and selected three times as Fighter of the Year by the prestigious Ring magazine, Pacquiao earned another round of raves from the revered publication's editor-in-chief as well.
Presenting his views on the upcoming May 7 showdown between Pacquiao and Shane Mosley, Nigel Collins wrote in the March 2011 issue that the Filipino has progressed so much that “watching him fight is no longer about whether or not the other guy has a good chance of winning. It's about watching a master at work.”
Collins, a one-time Manila visitor, continued: “It's no different than paying to hear Caruso sing, Miles Davis play the horn, or Ted Williams swing the bat. And just like those guys in their time, Pacquiao is simply the best at what he does at this particular moment in history. It's not so much about the contest right now; it's about savoring the moment, about watching this singular fighter do his thing.”
Pacquiao is so endowed with gifts that Collins said “some talent is so unique you're only cheating yourself if you miss an opportunity to see genius in action.”
Through the years, Pacquiao has gotten himself accustomed to collecting plaques and trophies from his ring achievements, something that has made him what Kobe Bryant is to basketball and Roger Federer is to tennis.


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