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Mosley razor-sharp at boxing camp

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source: by Robbie Pangilinan

IT’S fast shaping up into a battle between an aging, but razor-sharp fighter and an overworked, but immensely popular warrior.

Sugar Shane Mosley (46-6-1, 39 KOs) is being dismissed as “old” and “past his prime” at 39, but sources from his high altitude training camp in Big Bear revealed that “he still packs pistols in both hands and is extremely dangerous in any street shootout.”

“When Mosley attacks, he is merciless and ferocious that leaves his opponent totally confused and wrecked—unless the referee is quick enough to intervene in a carnage,” observed telecommunications magnate and boxing chairman Manny Pangilinan, in exclusive talk with this writer.

“In Big Bear, Mosley is so focused and trains seriously like when he was preparing to fight Oscar De La Hoya. The coaching management sees to it that there are no distractions.”

Three fights ago, Mosley, an orthodox fighter, chopped down Antonio Margarito, the “tallest tree in Manny Pacquiao’s forest” in the 8th round to send a signal that he was still in command of the guillotine.

Pacquiao (52-3-2, 38 KOs), who broke his fists attempting and failing to topple down Joshua Clottey for 12 rounds in Arlington, Texas in March 2010, could not duplicate Mosley’s fireworks when it was the Pacman’s turn to engage the tough Mexican in the battle for World Boxing Organization welterweight supremacy also in Arlington, Texas in November last year.

Badly clobbered, Margarito, however, considered his 12-round unanimous decision loss to Pacquiao “as the worst beating in my boxing career.”

Mosley’s stunning second-round shocker against Floyd Mayweather Jr. left a bad taste in the mouths of those hobnobbing for a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather tango, even though he failed to hack out an upset win against the overbearing and undefeated fellow American fighter from Nevada.

Critics have written Mosley off when he managed to only eke out a 12-round split draw against one-time Vernon Forrest conqueror, Sergio Mora, in what they considered as one of his most lackluster performances in recent years.

“But the Mosley boxing fans will see on May 7 is a reincarnation of their idol, who electrified the boxing world years back with epic battles against Forrest, De La Hoya, (Fernando) Vargas and Micky Ward ,” assured Jeff O’Donnell.

“When you always see a smile on Mosley’s face, it means he is in excellent condition and deadly. Fans have seen him smiling a lot these past days.” 

His job as congressman being his biggest priority outside boxing ring, Pacquiao, 32, is considered as one of the most active welterweight champions today and has been unbeaten since Feb. 19, 2005 when he lost on points to Erik Morales (51-7, 35 KOs) for the World Boxing Council international super-featherweight championship.

As one of the richest and highest-paid professional athletes in the world today, the Filipino southpaw is also considered as “one of the most tired” prizefighters in the world, having logged more professional fights than Mosley, who is his senior by seven years.


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