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Pacquiao to KO Mosley in 5th round: Ariza

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MANILA, Philippines – If you ask Manny Pacquiao’s conditioning coach Alex Ariza, the Filipino boxer has all the goods to overcome “Sugar” Shane Mosley in the early rounds of their upcoming match.

For Ariza, Pacquiao’s “strength, endurance, speed, and power” will help him beat Mosley at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 8.

“This fight will not go the distance. I hardly ever predict fights. Freddie Roach is better at that then I am, but you will see many advantages for us in this fight, but the biggest one you will see will come in the fifth or sixth round and beyond,” Ariza wrote in his column.

Pacquiao has improved his training and discipline, Ariza added.

“My fighter Manny Pacquiao is training as hard as he possible can in the environment he will actually fight in. He is eating and building muscle everyday,” he said

Pacquiao will be defending his World Boxing Organization welterweight crown when he faces Mosley. The pound-for-pound king will attempt to improve his 52-3-2 record, while Mosley boasts of a 46-6-1 card.

'High-altitude training not always good'

Meanwhile, as both pugs keep in shape in the last weeks of their preparations, Ariza said Mosley’s high-altitude training in his home in Big Bear, California will prove disadvantageous.

Ariza said “by the time Shane Mosley steps in the ring, his body will already have become accustomed to the lower altitude.”

“Shane’s body will automatically get used to the higher levels of oxygen that you breathe in the lower climates. There will be no benefit to what Shane tried to accomplish… All Shane Mosley did was sacrificed muscle, strength, and speed for no reason,” the trainer said.

“Everything his body built in the area’s of endurance up in Big Bear mountain are now gone. The body has already adjusted back to its natural environment… It is not like Shane Mosley is sitting there with all this extra energy that he will be able to display for everyone in the ring,” he added.

Training at very high altitudes such as above 5,000 meters, Ariza said, can also contribute to unwanted weight loss.

Aside from this, the trainer said “there is even a risk that the body’s immune system will become weakened, leading to an increased risk of infections, and there may be adverse changes in the chemical make-up of the muscles.”

“Additionally, the body cannot exercise as intensely… This results in reduced training intensity, which can reduce performance,” he added.


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