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Kenny Bayless apologized for bad call: Pacquiao - abscbn news

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source: David Dizon

Boxing referee Kenny Bayless has apologized to 8-division boxing champ Manny Pacquiao for ruling that Pacquiao's fall in the 10th round of his match with Shane Mosley was a knockdown.

Pacquiao said Bayless went to his corner after the match and admitted that he made a bad call when he ruled Pacquiao's fall as a knockdown.

"After the 12 rounds, he went to my corner and said he made a mistake. He didn't see it. I said it was OK. Part of the game," Pacquiao told radio dzMM anchor Noli de Castro.

The 8-division champ was pummelling Mosley when he slipped and fell to the mat during the 10th round. Bayless immediately ruled the fall as a legitimate knockdown and gave Pacquiao a standing 8-count, infuriating the Pacman.

A replay later showed that Mosley had stepped on Pacquiao's right foot before shoving Pacquiao to the canvass.

During the interview, Pacquiao said he knew he could easily beat Mosley after knocking him down in the 3rd round. He said he got frustrated with Mosley and told him to keep boxing and not turn the match into a running game.

"Mosley said in the prescon after the fight that he really felt my punches because I punched him really hard. He was too scared to open up because he was afraid of being knocked down," he said.

"I added the counterpunch because Mosley wanted a lucky punch to knock me out. I waited for him to punch so I could counter but then he kept running. I was telling him in the ring - sumuntok ka naman (throw some punches)," he added.

He also admitted that he was bothered by a cramp on his left leg, which he blamed on lack of leg exercises. "Tinigil kasi namin yung exercise sa paa kaya nagbalik yun," he said.

While seemingly dissatisfied with his lopsided victory, Pacquiao said he is thankful for once again bringing honor to the Philippines.

He also dismissed plans of retiring anytime soon especially after such an easy fight.

"I can still retire but boxing is my life. The minute I feel lazy about training and I feel my body getting weak, that's when I will retire. But right now, I still feel strong, my moves are still fast, the power is still there and my thirst for training is still there. No need to quit," he said.

President Benigno Aquino III called Pacquiao after the match to congratulate him and even thank him for wearing yellow gloves in the match.

Pacquiao said Paris Hilton also came up to him after the match and said she idolized Manny.

Pacquiao is set to leave for the Philippines on May 12 and will arrive on the 14th. He said he plans to coordinate with Bahay Kalinga and Vice-President Jejomar Binay to provide housing for poor Filipinos.

He also said he will pray for Filipinos in the Bicol region who were affected by the recent storm. "Sa Bicol region sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo, maraming salamat at ipagdadasal ko kayo at titignan ano maitutulong ko," he said.


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