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Nonito Donaire will fight his way out of Top Rank contract one way or the other

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source: Scott Heritag
 Pittsburgh Fight Sports Examiner

It has now been nearly three months since Nonito Donaire's two round blowout of former WBC/WBO Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel, and despite greatly raising his profile and capturing two titles in the process, his next move remains unclear.

To make matters worse, despite apparently wanting essentially the same thing, Donaire and current promoter Bob Arum don't appear to be on the same page about where they go from here.

In a recent interview with the Manila Bulletin, Top Rank boss Bob Arum claimed that he has had no contact with Donaire and team of late, saying only:

"We're still waiting for him"

Donaire on the other hand has repeatedly said over the last few weeks that he is eager to fight again as soon as possible, stating his intentions in several interviews and even polling fans on his Facebook page over who he should face next.

"Well, I'm anxious to get my next fight date. As I've said before, I'm willing to fight anyone...I just want to fight! Have a great day everyone!"

So if Donaire is eager to fight and Arum is ready to put a fight together, just who is it that's holding things up?

The obvious issue still separating Donaire and Top Rank is the popular Fil-Am's recent attempt to jump ship to rival promotion Golden Boy.

Believing that Top Rank had invalidated his contract with them by not providing him with his contracted three fights per year, Donaire in March announced that he had signed with Golden Boy.

Top Rank quickly contested this stating that because of a medical suspension, Donaire's contract was still valid through 2012. Noted mediator Daniel Weinstein was brought in and sided with Top Rank, ruling that their contract was indeed still valid.

From what either party have said it seems likely then that Donaire is still intent on leaving Top Rank without fighting for them again, presumably by somehow proving breach of contract by Top Rank in the courts, thereby freeing him of all his obligations to them and allowing him to instead fight for Golden Boy.

Arum has said he's waiting for Donaire. Donaire has only said that he wants to fight soon, without mentioning which promoter he intends to be fighting for.

The only problem with this approach for Donaire is that it's far from certain that he will win, and that the whole process could take longer than simply sitting out the remainder of his contract.

Win or lose, a lengthy court battle won't bother Bob Arum. Donaire though, 28 and currently in his prime, doesn't have that kind of time to waste if he ever wants his popularity to match up to his ability.

Aaron Smith, Pitt: "Donaire's career has had so many delays already the last thing he needs is another one"


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