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Underdog Boxing: Mosley and Mayweather are looking for ways to beat Pacquiao

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One tried and failed miserably. The other won’t even sign a contract to make the fight.

Shane Mosley got his chance. He got knocked down in the third round, figured that he can’t win, and ran away. Floyd Mayweather won’t even fight. He swerved a match against Manny Pacquiao by accusing him of using performance enhancing drugs and demanding Olympic-style drug testing.

These two fighters were hailed as the saviors of American boxing. These two were regarded as sure-fire hall-of-famers very early in their careers.

In the article “Who is the future of boxing?" which was printed on a 1999 issue of KO Magazine, Ted Bodenrader wrote that “One is a sure-fire hit who’s plotting to smash through all boundaries of boxing. The other is Sugar Shane Mosley."

The author of the article was prophetic. He knew Mayweather was a once-in-a-generation talent. He also knew that Mosley will be a very good fighter but a notch below Mayweather. What he didn’t see coming was the meteoric rise of a fighter from one of the odd corners of the world. Now Mosley and Mayweather find themselves beleaguered. Pacquiao was not a part of the script.

Pacquiao shamed Mosley. He took the fight out of the American’s heart. He punched him so hard in the third round that Mosley allowed himself to be publicly humiliated by running away from a much smaller man for the next nine rounds. Mayweather on the other hand needs all sorts of excuses not to fight Pacquiao. He demanded USDA drug testing because he suspected Pacquiao of using PEDs when it is his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who started the malicious rumors about Pacquiao was using PEDs.

Now the two American fighters are heading elsewhere to defeat Pacquiao. Mosley could not defeat Pacquiao in the ring while Mayweather does not even want to fight in the ring so they are heading to a different arena. Their aim is to beat Pacquiao in the court of public opinion.

Both Mayweather and Mosley used their Twitter accounts to point to an article written by an unnamed author about an unnamed Filipino fighter who sparred with Pacquiao. I won’t talk about the article because it is obviously made-up and was obviously written by someone who does not know a lot about boxing.

Using his @SugarShaneM account, Mosley tweeted “Pacquiao ex-sparring partner came out a couple days ago stating that he would inject him w steroids - since Ricky fight look that up."

Floyd Mayweather also went on to Twitter and gave out the link to the said article. “Everyone has to read this RIGHT NOW:," he tweeted through his @FloydMayweather account.

Why are these two hell-bent on destroying Pacquiao’s reputation?

Because this is their only chance of winning. They know that if they destroy Pacquiao’s reputation, they will keep theirs intact. If everyone believed that Pacquiao was doping, then Mosley can say that he failed to fight back against him because he was on something and Mayweather will simply say that he refused to face him because he was on PEDs.

In the red corner, you have Pacquiao who does not talk trash, takes on whoever his promoter puts in front of him, and fights his heart out every single time.

In the blue corner, you have two brash Americans who refused to fight Pacquiao, one literally and the other figuratively, who then went to Twitter in an effort to stain Pacquiao’s legacy.

Tell me. Who is the fighter of this generation? -- GMA News


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