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Azkals, Angel condole with Younghusbands

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MANILA, Philippines – Members of the Philippine Azkals team expressed words of comfort through Twitter for their teammates Phil and James Younghusband, whose mother recently passed away due to a heart attack.
On Sunday, Sept. 11, Jason Sabio wrote, “Cherish life and your loved ones. Celebrate one's life rather than mourn their death. Thoughts prayers and blessings to my dearest brothers.”
He followed this tweet with, “With every death, a choice is thrusted upon us. Choose to celebrate the life that has passed and cherish your own. God Bless Tita Susan...”
Anton del Rosario, meanwhile, also shared words of sympathy to the Younghusbands, “Anything you guys need, the team and I got you... You guys are family… @JYH7 @PhilYHusband Thoughts and prayers go out to the both of you,” said he.
“so sad to hear about their loss. everyone around u guys are there for u. much love to phil & james our thoughts are with u right now,” Simon Greatwich posted. On Saturday, he addressed Phil and James, saying, “thinking of you both :(“
Nate Burkey tweeted also on Saturday, "Thoughts and deep prayers for @PhilYHusband @JYH7 are needed. Blessings!"
On Sunday, former Azkals coach Simon McMenemy posted, "@PhilYHusband @JYH7 tough to find the words. Sending love and support from Sarah and I."
Quoting a text message from Phil and James’ manager Cathy Rivilla, a story on gmanews.tv, reported on Sunday, that Mrs. Susan Younghusband “died of a massive heart attack around 10:30 p.m.” the previous evening.
On Sunday, “Balitanghali” quoted the Younghusband family’s business partner Jojo Durian as saying that her death came as a surprise because she isn’t afflicted with any illness that they know of.
The same newscast related that according to Jojo, Mrs. Younghusband was supposed to have a massage due to back pain when she had the heart attack. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, but this proved too late. She was 49.
On Sunday morning, Phil and James immediately flew back to Manila from Bacolod where the team held their training over the weekend. In the meantime, the family declined any request for interview by the media, asking that they be given time to mourn their loss in private.
The remains of Mrs. Younghusband are reportedly interred at the Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, ParaƱaque. She is survived by her three children namely Phil, James and younger sister Keri.
Aside from members of the Azkals team such as Anton, Jason and team captain Aly Borromeo, “Unang Hirit” reported that model Bubbles Paraiso and actress Angel Locsin already went to the wake on Sunday evening.
"Just came the wake of tita Susan... Big hugs to @JYH7 and @PhilYHusband..." Bubbles tweeted.
With the death of their mother, “Balitanghali” noted that the younger Younghusbands are now orphans as their British father, the late Philip Younghusband Sr., already passed away years ago.


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