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Team Pacquiao bars Baguio media: report

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MANILA, Philippines – Journalists from Baguio City are slamming the members of Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao's team, claiming they are being barred from covering the boxer's training camp.

The Philippine Star reported last Wednesday that local mediamen are not allowed to enter the Shape Up Gym at Cooyeesan Hotel, as coach Freddie Roach prefers to train Pacquiao behind closed doors.

But the Baguio reporters are complaining of discrimination, claiming that national and international media are being allowed to cover Pacquiao’s training.

"Why are national and international media given preference over us?" asked Pigeon Lobien in an article in Sun Star Baguio.

Lobien, the chairman of the Cordillera Sportswriters Association, adds they are only asking for equal treatment.
"We are not asking for preferential treatment since we are from here... Media is media, whether you are with national or international outfits," Lobien added.

It is the 4th time that Pacquiao has held a training camp in Baguio.

"These are guys who have been covering him since he started training here. Baguio media are even the most disciplined journalists. It’'s unfair, really, really unfair," Lobien said.


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