Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Weiss having problems with some Azkals

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MANILA, Philippines – Philippine Azkals Hans Michael Weiss coach is having problems with some of his players who have yet to attend the team practices.

Weiss said in a report by the Visayan Daily that it looks like some of his players are starting to have "rock star attitude" because of the team’s success.

“We have been very patient and very supportive with the players for the past eight months,” he said.

The report did not mention the names of the players Weiss was referring to.

He said some of the players failed to communicate with the team, preferring to go on a “longer holiday.”

“We are now on the process of tapping alternative players for the training pool for more options,” said Weiss.

Team manager Dan Palami said they plan to recruit several members of the Ceres-Negros Team, which played a friendly game against the Azkals in Bacolod on Tuesday.

Palami, however, said that this does not mean that they are cutting off those who failed to join their camp in Bacolod.


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