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Manny Pacquiao: Why He Needs Mayweather Bout as Much as Pretty Boy

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source: ByEric Ball
(Featured Columnist)

Manny Pacquiao Won't Be Considered the Best Fighter in the World Till He Faces Floyd Mayweather

Champions have proven to the world that they can and will beat anybody. Whether it be the Super Bowl, NBA Finals or World Series, a winner is determined after the two sides play one another.
In boxing things are a bit more complicated.

Manny Pacquiao has been a dominate force in the boxing ring as he mows down opponent-after-opponent. He is extremely quick with his hands and can take a pounding and still recover in time to knockout the opponent. His record stands at 52 wins and three losses with 36 KO's.

There is only one fighter that has reached the dominance of Pac-man but he refuses to fight him.
Floyd Mayweather actually has a better record than Pacquiao. "Money" Mayweather has 41 wins on 25 KO's and has yet to lose a fight.

He has refused to fight Pac-Man because he doesn't want to take a blood test. The fans have been clamoring for this fight to occur for over two-years now. The Examiner has more:
The fans as ever are making their opinions clear, they want Mayweather to finally step up to the plate and face Manny Pacquiao, proving once and for all who the best fighter in the sport today really is.
How much this really matter to or affects Mayweather is debatable.
Mayweather seems like he could care less about the fight. But Pac-man is eager to prove once and for all who is the best boxer in the world.

Yet Mayweather needs this fight more than Pacquiao.

After his arrest for domestic assault and lack of are getting tired of his act. With Pac-Man so vocal about his wish to fight Floyd....Mayweather looks like he is avoiding the fight.

Is he...dare I say...scared?

It's doubtful but it sure does look like he is avoiding the situation all together. Not a good look for a boxer that claims to be the best in the sport.

Give the fans what they want Floyd!


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