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Mosley: It Will Be Easy To Exploit Pacquiao's Flaws

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A student of the game, former three division champion Shane Mosley told earlier this week that he watched quite a few of Manny Pacquiao's previous fights. And, like other boxers, he has noticed discrepancies in Pacquiao's style. Mosley faces Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight tite on May 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"We all have flaws, but are we able to capitalize on those flaws?" Mosley said to BoxingScene. "With Pacquiao, he throws so many punches, he fights with so much fury. But I think I will be able to exploit them. I think it's my speed, the power, even my size, will make it easy to get to those spots.

"He moves his feet very well and that can make it very difficult to exploit his flaws. He is a phenomenal fighter. I have much respect for him and this is a great challenge for me to prove I'm one of the best out there."

Mosley, speaking via telephone, said the people from Fight Camp 360 were at his camp Wednesday. And by the way, that gorgeous woman shown with Mosley in this past Saturday's first episode, is his new love, model Bella Gonzalez.

No wonder Mosley is in such a good mood these days.


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