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Donaire Warns Darchinyan: I'll Put You To Sleep Again! - boxingscene

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source: By Ryan Burton

This is a legal waiver. By copying and using the material from this article, you agree to give full credit to or provide a link to the original article. spoke to WBO/WBC bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire about a variety of topics last week in Las Vegas.  When the topic turned to his rival Vic Darchinyan, Donaire held nothing back.

Last year Donaire and Darchinyan were in negotiations for a rematch.  The fight fell through after it appeared to be close to being finalized. Team Darchinyan claimed that Donaire didn't want the fight and that he waited to long to sign the contract. Darchinyan signed a contract to face Joseph Agbeko instead.

Donaire laughed off those claims and said that it was Darchinyan who really didn't want the fight and just used that as an excuse. Donaire told BoxingScene, "there were still three months before the fight was going to happen. Don't give me that crap about I am taking to long to sign. The first time I fought him I signed the day of the weigh in so don't give me that, I signed too late bull crap. We still had three months. He just didn't want to fight me at that time."

Donaire handed the fighter of Armenian descent his first loss in 2007 with a wicked one punch knockout. The Filipino Flash said that a rematch would end in similar fashion.

"If he goes up against me it will be the same thing.  The same story. If he goes up against me, goodnight."

Darchinyan is coming off of a dominating technical decision win over Yhonny Perez of Columbia. Donaire reiterated that he would have no problem facing Darchinyan again.  According to Donaire the win over Perez has increased Darchinyan's confidence level and he may now finally be willing to face Donaire again. Donaire finished up our conversation by issuing a message to Darchinyan.

"He is growing more balls now that he beat Perez. You know what, we're here. I'm here.  If you guys want to make the fight happen, I'm always here. Let's do it."


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