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GATORADE engages Azkals into Sweat Test Program

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Manila, Philippines – The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) recently conducted the Sweat Test Program to the members of the Philippine Football team, more known as the “Azkals", to ensure that all players are fit and properly hydrated before facing tight matches in the AFC Challenge Cup.

GSSI, Gatorade’s research facility, performs the Gatorade Sweat Test among various sports teams to check if the players are properly hydrated as they engage in sports. The information acquired is used by the team physicians to formulate proper hydration protocols and hydration plans which are customized for each athlete.

Steve Romasanta, Marketing Director of Gatorade, explains that the Sweat Test results are essential in helping the Azkals be on top of the games. “We are happy to engage the Azkals in this program. The goal of GSSI is to help improve athletes’ performance through research. I am sure that the results of the test will help them develop their hydration plans to further improve their performance in the field."

The Gatorade Sweat Test team visited the practice of the Azkals at the University of Makati before the team departed for Myanmar to administer the sweat test. Each member of the team submitted a urine sample, was weighed in and underwent the sweat patching procedure while doing their basic routines during practice.

“It is important to maintain a properly hydrated body especially for athletes like the Azkals because they need enough energy to stay and last in the game. 

Dehydrated bodies often experience cramps and other muscle-related injuries which hamper their performance," said Nino Sinco, MSS, Athletic Trainer. “These athletes need to make sure that they are able to properly replenish the amount of fluid they lose while sweating. While water is a good refresher, sports drinks like Gatorade offer added nutrients to help the body maintain its energy," explained Sinco.

More than replenishment, Gatorade contains electrolytes and carbohydrates that provide the extra energy boost needed for athletes to be on top of their game. “The Azkals are indeed doing a fantastic job and they have successfully brought football into the consciousness of Filipinos. By engaging them into the sweat test program, Gatorade wants to contribute in helping them improve their game. Not many people are aware but proper hydration is significant to an athlete’s performance." Sinco added.

Team Captain Aly Borromeo, James Younghusband, Anton del Rosario, and Emilio “Chieffy" Caligdong were among those who underwent the Gatorade Sweat Test. Phil Younghusband, however, did not participate because of the injury he recently got after the face-off with Mongolia.

Gatorade, the world’s #1 sports drink, is the official sports drink of the Philippine Football Team. 


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